09 January 2013

Define: Liveable neighborhood

"A liveable neighborhood is highly accessible and everyone is willing to come together to make the environment an idyllic place for all to live in.

Case study: Perth – BUTLER JINDALEE

The results of the study show that the neighbourhood has a potential of a liveable neighborhood.


Activity nodes suits the chosen location based on the neighborhood structuring principles of liveable neighborhoods as it has the potential to become the focus of the neighborhoods. 

Town structure analysis based on Liveable Neighborhood policy

District structure & Town centre
The district structure of Jindalee shows that it is compact and well-defined. The town centre is located in the middle of the district and the network of the road is highly interconnected as it is in the form of grid. This will allow mutual support of the future neighborhood centres and the town centre. 

The layout of the streets created a semi-enclosed area and a continuous street frontage for safety, attractive and efficient circulation for pedestrian, cyclist and drivers. On top of that, the proximity of the community facilities allows people in communities to interact socially and facilitate physical activity which can contribute well to one’s physical and mental health.
Neighbourhood structure

As shown, the neighbourhood has a shop or shops supplying necessities or another community at a 400-450 metre radius. The distance usually takes five minutes to get there. Thus this is a convenience to the residents in the area.

Walkability and Public Transport

Travelling to the town centre does not require one to drive due to the interconnected roads. Walking to the town centre is the most sustainable and energy efficient mode of travel. It gives pedestrians choices of routes and is convenient to access to the community facilities. On top of that, it keeps the environment safe. 
For efficiency, 60% of the houses should be located within a 400m walk of the neighbourhood bus stop and 800m of the railway station.

Bus routes planning

The bus routes show the efficiency of getting the user from their sides of the area to the town centre. It can be seen to be highly efficient as the routes are relatively direct and highly accessible. The bus routes will be further improved to cover all areas of the location.

Pedestrian and cyclist network

Cyclists are given a choice to share paths with pedestrian or cycle on the road with the vehicles. The shared paths’ width is similar to the width of the neighborhood connector paths. On top of that, a principal shared path is proposed at the freeway too.

District open space strategy

The place have very few open spaces as it is quite compact thus a need for open space area has been recognised. A regional park and recreational area is desirable in between 2 streets. And an area was being set aside for a high school and open space facilities. 

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